Never let your brand be washed out

Innovation our way is always durable. Whether you need your logo to be flame retardant, reflective, elastic, personalized or safe for industrial washing – or everything at once – we’ll make it happen.

Bringing work wear to new levels of safety, ­design and functionality

Scandinavian design means finding the optimal combination of style, protection and performance – without compromising on either. At Loxy we make the most of our technical expertise and flexible organization to help our customers reach new heights in their product development – for safer, smarter, environmentally responsible and completely reliable gear.

Looking for the unexpected solutions

What if you could make it easier to keep track of or search for personnel at a distance in the dark – by using reflective ID numbers? They’d have to be flame retardant, durable enough for industrial washing, conveniently printed in single units and easily applied using heat transfer. That’s the kind of innovation we keep thinking about at Loxy. Combining our areas of expertise in new ways for a vastly improved functionality and added value.

Sample cases

Our logos and prints are here to help you make your brand stand out. We will go far to find the solution that delivers the specific qualities you need for any situation.

LP 154/LP 274

Heat transfer printed logos that survive industrial washing

LP 157

Flame retardant durable logos for the offshore industry

LP 152/LP 102

Elastic logos that won’t crack or restrain soft shell sportswear

LP 272/LP 274

Reflective prints in any shape for a design element with added functionality.

Durable innovation

We provide you with the building blocks for smarter, safer and sleeker designs that help your brand stand the test of time.

We add value in textile products


We know that being locally present makes production smooth and problem solving easy. I’m very proud of our first transfer prints produced at the new Loxy branch in the US. Now we’re here for our customers in the Americas, too!

– Petter Nordli

Chief Operating Officer, LOXY US


Careful testing and ensured compatibility

At our own test lab in Hong Kong we can find the right match of prints, reflexives and seam-sealing tapes with different materials. And make sure it holds up to the most demanding standards.

Sample of our standards & tests for prints and logos

EN469 – requirements for firefighters’ protective clothing oeko-tex® standard 100 – testing for harmful substances and health risks


A total quality commitment

A total quality commitment with LOXY’s Quality Assurance Programme. Full traceability with unique batch numbers. Digital documentation of all production and quality control tests.

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    Challenge us!

    The devil is often in the details. When the seams start leaking or reflectives disappear in the wash on premium products, customers are severely disappointed in the brand. How do you make sure that does not happen to your products?

    When you use LOXY details in your products, all of our knowledge and system experience comes built in. And we thrive on challenges. Solving problems and finding new applications for our expertise. How can we help you?