Metallized Films

Metallized Films

Loxy have modern and clean production facilities for blown film production. This in combination with state-of-the-art production lines and a skilled and experienced team gives Loxy the best possible capabilities to make films under a very controlled procedure.


When a stable and high quality is what you are looking for, Loxy would be your partner of choice. We are one of the leading partners in R&D and production of TPU films and other high-performance films.

Our Metallized Films are widely used in applications such as:

Barrier Films

Increased Water Vapor Barrier

Increased Oxygen Barrier

Heat Shield Films

Insulation Applications

Sealing Film

Lamination Films

Laminated Foils

Selective Metallized Films (negative printing)

Our metallizing on polymer films gives a large advantage compared to aluminium laminates for example, due to the fact that our films can be fully regranulated and used again and again in polymer applications.


We use sustainable materials wherever we can and have a strong focus and commitment to use green materials in all possible applications.