A leading provider

A leading provider

Loxy is a leading global provider of engineered solutions of advanced film and foil materials. Our origins as bonding and sealing experts to the textile industry, have give us cutting-edge technologies to solve the most challenging tasks in various polymer film applications.


We have consistently demonstrated a forward-looking approach to helping our customers succeed. Our history of performance is, in large part to our fundamental polymer resin expertise and our deep understanding of the industries we serve.

In recent years, as we focused on expanding our reach beyond the textile industry, we have established and grew our Films & Foils centre of excellence with R&D as well as top of the line production resources in Sweden starting back in 2006. The Loxy competencies include expertise and capabilities in resin-based technologies and materials.


As part of this effort, we have further developed our high-performance TPU films as well as other high performance films covering applications in various sectors such as Medical, Technical, Construction as well as General Industry.


With decades of success behind us and an ambitious future ahead our global enterprise is engineered for tomorrow. The Loxy Films & Foils R&D and production centre is located in Kumla, Sweden. The site is a top modern facility of 10 000 square meters with all film production being performed in controlled environment and some extra demanding parts in clean room areas as well.


Loxy Sweden AB is also certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001.