Our history

Our history

Interaction between man and nature has its unique prerequisites wherever you are. In our case, the inspiration we get from our origin runs deep. The blue sea. The sun that never sets in the summer, and barely rises during winter. And the mountains, known to us locals as the keel. The way they fall steeply into the fjords is nothing less than spectacular. Add to this the wind and the cool climate, and you get drama. The drama that is Norway inspires us in what we do, and how we do it.


In 1970, Sto-Nor Industri AS began as a small operation based in Halden, Norway. As a sub-contractor to the textile and clothing industry we maintained a focus on our core values and pushed to become a major supplier of safety solutions to the garment industry. After 40 years, Sto-Nor has changed its name to Loxy and turned into a truly global operation with a sales organisation around the globe and production facilities in Norway, Sweden, Poland and Shanghai.

A global business shaped by the elements.

Our milestones

1970: Sto-Nor Industri AS is founded

1976: Sto-Nor introduced to reflective tape

1990: The seam sealing tape is founded together with HH

1991: Establishing Loxy Poland

1992: Pioneers in China

2000: Global Quality Assurance Program (QAP): Introduction of tracking and active surveillance

2006: Production established in Sweden

2007: Start offering logos

2008: Shanghai: Office and manufacturing opens

2013: The brand LOXY was launched

2014: Established in USA

2015: Established in Germany

2015: Sto-Nor changed the company name into LOXY

2018: Bråtens becomes part of the Loxy Group

2021: Expansion in Sweden:  LOXY doubles its capacity with clean production facilities and advanced production lines

factory Loxy Sweden